Monitor social networks

Microsoft Social Listening is used to track and evaluate what people say on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs natively in multiple different languages. This is then presented in charts and graphs that you can incorporate into dashboards, so that you can find and monitor trends. You can use this to track your own organization, competitors or your industry as a whole.


Understand the trends

You can use Microsoft Social Listening to understand how many people are talking about a topic, how this is trending up or down over time, and whether the sentiment is positive, negative or neutral.


Quick response to tweets

Though alerts, Microsoft Social Listening can prompt you when your customers are posting about you, allowing either your social media team or your sales and account management team to respond in a timely fashion. This can help you to halt a negative message from going viral.


Plug social listening into marketing

Microsoft Social Listening can be used by marketing to understand how customers are responding to marketing offers on social media either from your own organization or competitors.


Plug social listening into sales

Microsoft Social Listening can be used by sales or account management teams to understand what their customers are saying before you meet with them. Stay relevant by understanding what is going on with your clients.