Automation is the key to simplifying safety certification

Safety. It makes sense to run your business following the best practices for safety for so many reasons, not least the financial benefits of reduced WCB premiums and reductions in lost work days. We have all heard of the standards like COR, ISO, Leeds, and PIX. So why aren’t companies jumping on the safety bandwagon and taking advantage of the benefits?

Joesoftware spoke to a senior safety consultant from a safety association, who personally performed over 100 audits last year, and his feedback was astonishing. He told us that less than 25% of companies who request either COR or Secor audits ever complete or obtain the certification. A little over 5% of companies with manual processes managed to complete the external audit required for COR or Secor certification.

Companies that are interested in safety certifications are finding it really tough to get certified and stay certified. So what makes it so difficult?

A key reason companies find it hard to obtain a safety certification is that they are paper-based on manual safety systems. That makes it more costly and complicated to impose best practices for safety, and makes it time consuming to ensure compliance. Safety compliance typically relies upon lots of forms, and the mountain of paper can become overwhelming. Sadly, the financial benefits of safety are lost in a sea of paperwork.

To become certified, a company has to embrace a comprehensive safety management process. Typically companies employ a software tool to manage that safety process, so that they can gain their safety certification quickly and retain that certification with the minimum of effort. If your company wants to be recognized for industry safety excellence, it needs to invest in tools to manage these certifications.

Safety software tools, like Joesoftware’s Marshal, make safety certification a quick process. Annual audits become simple to complete.  Marshal’s safety measurement tools make the ability to capture, track, and manage safety portfolio activities easy, and allow companies to manage down the number of lost work days due to safety incidents.  Automated processes can deliver remarkable financial rewards. As an example, companies with COR certification or those that follow Partners in Injury Reduction pay one third of the WCB premiums compared non-certified companies. Marshal can fast track safety certification, with customers receiving certification in days versus months or years.

The right tools allow you to deliver a safer work environment for your employees, suppliers and clients, while making your business more cost effective. Safety. Why wouldn’t you want to get certified?

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