Benefits of Paperless Safety Compliance

Safety and compliance in the workplace is no longer optional. More and more, companies are focusing resources on ensuring that they are creating a culture of accountability with inspections and planned maintenance becoming fundamental necessities.  Many organizations are still working with their existing paper-based inspection models or practices, using paper forms and reports which are easily lost, damaged, or otherwise compromised, increasing the time and resources required to properly maintain them.   This manual practice and lack of controls risks rendering the time committed to each inspection lost time if tracking becomes inadequate and/or is unavailable for comparison against the next task.  Moving this into a spreadsheet is similarly easy to neglect or can be unintentionally destroyed through deficient or missing work flow, notifications, follow up and planning.  In the end, what you lose is the ability to compare and to access relevant history which is critical to the inspection process.  Regrettably, lack of resources, space and other priorities provide little time to meticulously track and file each document leaving risk for unfinished tasks, potential lack of ownership and unreported deficiencies leading to potential safety violations and challenging the ability to manage hazards in the workplace.

The benefits of paperless safety work-flow are countless. Paperless safety solutions promote efficiency by providing highly organized records and improved accountability and personal ownership. It facilitates trend analysis, charting and forecasts by maintaining easy access to work histories with accurate and timely access to logs, certificates and alerts.  A safety application promotes accountability throughout the chain of command by providing competent workflow; reminders ensure deadlines or inspections are not overlooked and in the end focusing you on success around meeting your goals and objectives in a timely fashion, saving you time and resources.

Paperless safety solutions provide access to all participants through the use of web portal technologies to allow access from any web browser, including mobile devices.  Key features of a web portal include system administration, asset and facility management, report generation, automatic notifications and metrics, data-exporting/importing and the ability to customize automatic alerts and emails ensuring the right people have access to the information they need in a timely fashion.

Most importantly, paperless solutions keep workplaces safer and companies compliant with industry safety standards and lessen the risk of workplace accidents and potential OH&S violations.

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