Don’t Rely on Canada Post: Go Forward with Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s)

If your company is still relying on Canada Post to make and receive payments, you should be considering a better way to handle this, especially given Canada Post’s possible strike in 2 DAYS!

Enabling EFT’s to work with Dynamics GP requires some setup, but once it’s done you will have the benefits that will make reliance on Canada Post, a quickly fading memory.

Here are a few reasons to consider setting up EFT’s and minimizing cheque usage:

  1. Reduced clearing fees resulting in lower bank charges
  2. Improved accounting processes by posting directly into Dynamics GP
  3. Set up auto-remittances for a better customer/vendor experiences
  4. Reduced administrative handling and costs
  5. And reduced cost and reliance on Canada Post!

Don’t let the strike line red-line your business.  Contact us today so that we can help you get more from Dynamics GP through highly efficient EFT usage.

Dynamics GP 2016 Release

As of May 1, 2016, the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is now available and hosts some tremendous new features.  One of the most distinct benefits of this release is the new Web Client which has eliminated Silverlight to power the GP interface and have moved to HTML 5.  This move greatly improves the web client user experience and now allows it to operate in multi-browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and across most devices (iPad, Android, Windows). The other rationale for this significant shift is that cloud performance is greatly improved, which continues to clear strategy for Microsoft across all their business lines.  And for benefit of Canadian clients, it was confirmed that Canadian Azure was opened on May 10th.


Dynamics GP 2016 Whats New

Some of the feature improvements for Dynamics GP 2016 are significant and for some users, a long time coming.  Take for instance the scanning feature, which previously only allowed single pages, can now scan multiple pages. Another one specific to Canadians, is that Scotia Bank EFT format has been added as a default EFT file format. Workflow continues to be an important area of improvement with more options for condition management and reassignment notifications. The other area of significant development is with Business Intelligence (BI), as they have enabled Power BI reports to be added to home pages and as well, have made it possible to use Open Data (OData) protocol.


These are of course just a few of the highlights of the Dynamics GP 2016.  To find a more complete list, just click on the white paper What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.


The question our clients should be considering is whether you should be upgrading to 2015, moving to 2016 now or waiting for next version of 2016 which we expect in the fall.  These are great questions and we at Joesoftware are here to help you navigate that decision, so just contact us.

Mid-Year Tax Update

Dynamics GP mid-year tax update for Canadian Payroll is now available for versions 2013 and higher. The tax tables have updates for British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.  If you have any employees paid through Dynamics GP payroll and reside in one of these provinces, you should be installing the update as soon as possible. For more information, download the full 2016 Tax Update document.

If you are a Penny user, this Dynamics GP update does not have any affect to your Penny system. Contact us if you are in need of implementing your mid-year tax update, and we will schedule it immediately.

Mid-Year Tax Update Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP

Mid-Year Tax Update for Canadian Payroll Document by Dynamics GP

AD Manager Upgrade

Joesoftware announces a significant improvement to Active Directory Manager Windows Authentication.  The new version of AD Manager eliminates the ActiveX technology, which relied on Windows operating systems and limited the use of the solution.  Just like Penny, the new AD Manager is compatible with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The greatest benefit is that the new AD Manager can be used for both intranet and the internet, without any customizations or IIS setting changes.  This means that intranet users will be automatically signed in, while internet (or intranet on a different domain) users will be prompted to enter Windows credentials.

If your company is currently an AD Manager user with current annual enhancement, you are eligible to receive the new software as part of your annual enhancement plan.  And if you don’t have AD Manager and would like to benefit from the improved password efficiency it offers, there has never been a better time to consider it.  Either way, contact us and we will arrange your upgrade or answer your questions on adding AD Manager with your Penny or Spencer solution.

Lunch and Learn Spring 2016

Joesoftware was again successful in hosting our spring 2016 Lunch and Learn at the Mayfair golf club in Edmonton AB, where 32 attendees learned more about Microsoft Dynamics, Penny, Spencer, and Marshal. The event was filled with great networking, tons of useful information, and amazing food provided by the staff at the Mayfair Club.

The Joesoftware experts presented a range of topics including Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Reporting, GP 2016, and our own Marshal and Penny products (see below for more detail). Our event also offered a round table discussion where the attendees had a chance to sit in on different conversations and ask questions that directly applied to their companies.


Business Intelligence (BI)

  • What is BI and why should I care?
  • What GP BI can I do?
  • Beyond GP BI solutions
  • Making everyone look good
  • How can Joesoftware help?

To download the BI PDF click here

GP 2016 and Business Process Optimization (BPO)

  • Amplify highlights
  • 2016 feature review
  • W5 of BPO

To download the BPO PDF click here

To download the GP 2016 PDF click here

Going Beyond with CRM

  • How CRM can solve business problems?
  • Integration
  • Marshal Example

To download the CRM PDF click here

Round Table Discussions

  • Budgeting Tools
  • Penny 5.0, Penny Mobile and Spencer
  • FeildOne
  • Reporting Tools

To download the Penny Mobile PDF click here


For more information on the topics discussed at our Lunch and Learn or to attend our next event contact us at Joesoftware by clicking here.