Penny 5.0 is Now Available

Joesoftware is celebrating over a decade of advancing our Penny self-service software by announcing the new release of Penny 5.0. Penny has evolved significantly over this time and we are thrilled to offer Penny 5.0 with some of our most sought after user, management and administrator improvements.

Continuous improvement is an important penny-5-0-blog-cover-wframe
mantra for Joesoftware, and this is nowhere more evident than seen through the evolution of Penny. Customer feedback is at the core of our improvements, with Penny 5.0 being a milestone version that addresses some of the most sought after developments in core areas of timesheets, leave requests, reporting, manager capabilities and enhanced administration. A complete list of the Penny 5.0 enhancements can be found in “What’s New in Penny 5.0”.

Some customers have already completed their upgrade to Penny 5.0 and many others are currently engaged in the process. If your company is ready to do more with your Penny solution, we’re ready to help you get it done!

To book your upgrade, please contact

Lunch and Learn Spring 2016

Joesoftware was again successful in hosting our spring 2016 Lunch and Learn at the Mayfair golf club in Edmonton AB, where 32 attendees learned more about Microsoft Dynamics, Penny, Spencer, and Marshal. The event was filled with great networking, tons of useful information, and amazing food provided by the staff at the Mayfair Club.

The Joesoftware experts presented a range of topics including Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Reporting, GP 2016, and our own Marshal and Penny products (see below for more detail). Our event also offered a round table discussion where the attendees had a chance to sit in on different conversations and ask questions that directly applied to their companies.


Business Intelligence (BI)

  • What is BI and why should I care?
  • What GP BI can I do?
  • Beyond GP BI solutions
  • Making everyone look good
  • How can Joesoftware help?

To download the BI PDF click here

GP 2016 and Business Process Optimization (BPO)

  • Amplify highlights
  • 2016 feature review
  • W5 of BPO

To download the BPO PDF click here

To download the GP 2016 PDF click here

Going Beyond with CRM

  • How CRM can solve business problems?
  • Integration
  • Marshal Example

To download the CRM PDF click here

Round Table Discussions

  • Budgeting Tools
  • Penny 5.0, Penny Mobile and Spencer
  • FeildOne
  • Reporting Tools

To download the Penny Mobile PDF click here


For more information on the topics discussed at our Lunch and Learn or to attend our next event contact us at Joesoftware by clicking here.