Convergence 2015

Did you know that there are 404 municipalities listed on the Alberta Municipal affairs website,  and 32 of those municipalities have a population of over 13,000?  Not all that interesting unless you are looking to compare this to something.  With more than 12,000 Convergence attendees in Atlanta this year, I wanted to put into perspective the size of the Microsoft Community that participates in this conference focused on the Dynamics solutions.

While it isn’t possible to cover all the highlights of this year’s conference, the amount of information shared during the formal sessions and the informal networking that goes on did not disappoint.    The opening keynote speaker this year was Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella, who focused on the Client Experience through Technology; leveraging the MS solutions to offer information, rather than data,  to the consumer.  This theme was continuous throughout the conference.

The GP General Sessions, hosted/presented by Errol Schoenfish, talked about the 4 key releases within the Dynamics GP solution this year.  We had the GP2013R2 release last June and since then we have seen the release of Office 365 with the MS Dynamics GP Workspace, v7 of the Business Analyzer and in December we received the “amazing” GP2015 release.   Visit our blog series the 12 Weeks of Winter to dig into many of the new features now available to you.    A lot of work has gone on behind the development doors in GP and this will continue with their move to a 6 month release cycle.   Take a few minutes to log onto the Microsoft Connect  tool to view, vote on and log your product suggestions- this is about Microsoft focusing on your input to make the product stronger!  Simply use your secure CustomerSource User name and login to access this website – if you are not sure what this is please email me.   

With hundreds of concurrent sessions covering topics from optimizing your bank rec to strategic leadership there was no shortage of things to do.    If you were looking for sales force automation through CRM – there were sessions.  If you were looking for some best practice suggestions in manufacturing – there were sessions.   If you wanted to dig into the Cloud and Azure – there were sessions.   Questions about Office 365 – there were sessions on that too!  What I am trying to say is that Convergence brings Business Solutions and Technology together, showing you how you can use the tools that many of us have at our fingertips to make our jobs easier.   While many of the sessions focus on the end user, there is something for everyone at Convergence.  There is a track for business leaders who want to look at issues outside of their ERP solution – sessions like Cybersecurity in the Digital Era and Dale Carnegie: Responding to Pressure Situations.  There is an IT track where the seasoned IT Professional can bring home skills to increase productivity in the office.

Let’s move onto the Expo floor where you can meet face to face with many of the vendors that are part of your day-to-day lives.   Vendors such as WennSoft, Rockton Software, eOne, Encore, Mekorma, ADx Studios and many more.   What is so fantastic is that you have the opportunity to meet with the people you are working with – the support teams, developers and the account managers.   An incredible opportunity to bring home solutions to your questions and day to day problems.

For more information on Convergence or what Joesoftware has to offer, please visit us or contact Patti.

Next year Convergence will be held in New Orleans from April 4 – 7, 2016 – mark your calendars and commit your budget, it is worth the investment!



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