Microsoft Dynamics GP: ERP from a Company You Can Trust

If your business uses Microsoft products, you have come to appreciate the breadth of solutions and the familiarity of the functionality Microsoft offers.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that integrates into the Microsoft environment and enables your organization to improve performance, reduce cost and grow profits.  For any small to mid-sized company that operates in a Microsoft business environment and is considering an ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP should be at the top of the consideration list.

A Single Business Solution with Microsoft Integrations

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solution that is quick to deployTop 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP
and easy to use, with the ability to extend functionality through third party add-ons.  From financials and human resource management to manufacturing and operations, Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to drive business growth. Dynamics GP is designed to integrate with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Power BI and more, to drive enhanced productivity, collaboration, and business intelligence. And the integrations don’t stop with Microsoft products, as Dynamics GP has one of the largest communities of certified Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s). This means there are thousands of developers extending the solution stack of GP. Dynamics GP is the perfect solution for companies that want a system they can integrate now, and can scale up as the business grows.  To discover more reasons why your company should consider Microsoft Dynamics GP, read The Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Considerations for an ERP solution

When considering an ERP solution, you should be planning to use and build around the system for at least 10 years, as the cost, time and resources to change solutions can be significant.  You want a company that you trust will be there, and will continue to develop and support their product.  Microsoft has a reputation for being a leader in virtually every category they compete in, and they do this by allocating extensive resources to their development and success.  Since Microsoft purchased Great Plains (GP) in 2001, they have consistently advanced the solution to have greater functionality, and improved integration with Microsoft’s products. Microsoft’s commitment to a quality solution does not end with the product. Training and certification for the Value Added Reseller (VAR) community is important, as it ensures that companies like Joesoftware that install and support the solution have the experience and knowledge to make the client successful with Dynamics GP.  Similarly, Microsoft realizes the value ISV’s have for developing specialized solutions that compliment Dynamics GP.  Again, strict guidelines for ISV accreditation, which Joesoftware has achieved, ensures that there is a wealth of complementary modules that work well with the Dynamics GP solution.

Joesoftware Serves Canadian Microsoft Dynamics GP Clients

Our team at Joesoftware is a talented, passionate and diverse group of business professionals who understand what it takes to improve business processes.  Whether starting from scratch or integrating Dynamics GP with other systems, Joesoftware has the people with the right skills to deliver the solution to meet our customers’ needs.  Located across Canada, our consultants are trained and Microsoft certified in a range of competencies, so accessing the right skill set for any Dynamics GP project is assured.  And with 100’s of years of combined experience, we have experts who have a stellar track record in delivering insights and results in virtually every industry. For companies looking to be on the leading edge of ERP and business management, Joesoftware has a number of specialized competencies that include Field ServicesNot-for-Profit, Business Intelligence, HR/Payroll and Job Costing.

Joesoftware Credentials

  • Microsoft Presidents Club Member
  • Microsoft Silver Competencies in ERP and CRM
  • Trained and certified in 30+ applications and software add-ons for Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft recognized as the Canadian Payroll Center of Excellence
  • Over 15 years in business supporting Microsoft Dynamics
  • 96% customer retention rate and a 98% project success rate

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