Gaining Actionable Insights Through Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information. BI is not just a simple plug-in that you can add to your Dynamics GP solution to create reports. It is the art of understanding your internal and external data sources, achieving interconnections between data sets, and exploiting these resource to build valuable insights. BI can empower employees at all levels of your organization, as decision-makers can better understand, analyze, collaborate, and act on information, anytime and anywhere.

Dynamics GP and Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a valuable resource for any organization to mine data. From managing budgets to developing customizable KPI dashboards, Dynamics GP allows organizations to keep current on changing business conditions. Dynamics GP offers a wide range of built-in and add-on options to deliver BI when and where your people need it. Some examples of BI enablement are:

  • Pagination reports that typically present operational and day-to-day status. Reporting tools include Report Writer, SSRS, Legacy, JetReports and Management Reporter.
  • Interactive reports often select data sets from a range of sources to provide a broader perspective of data relationships. Types of interactive reporting tools include Smartlist, Smartlist Builder, Excel Reports, JetReports and Power BI.
  • Mobile reports are often best developed by tools like Datazen, which ensure they are effectively delivered on any iOS, Android or Windows device.
  • Analytic charts can drill into a large volume of data and simplify the very complex. SQL Analysis Services, Excel Pivot Table, Prophix and OLAP cubes are some resources used to build these charts.

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Joesoftware Delivers Insight

A key success factor for any company implementing a new ERP system is the ability to drive actionable intelligence.  Many ERP systems fall short or fail, because actionable BI is not captured in a reasonable amount of time after implementation. Joesoftware recognizes the need to generate business wins shortly after Dynamics GP is implemented, and we know how to capture and incorporate valuable data that can support early stage decision making. Contact us to discuss how we help clients achieve better business intelligence from their Dynamics GP and drive critically important quick successes.