Overcoming Not-for-Profit Complexity

Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations have specialized needs that ERP solutions can help manage. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, your NFP organization can dramatically improve efficiencies while meeting the unique requirements and regulatory compliance of a NFP.  Managing restricted funds, budgeting across fiscal years, meeting funder requirements, and keeping up with membership tracking are a few ongoing challenges for a well-run NFP. When Microsoft Dynamics GP is optimized for your Not-for-Profit, these activities become simple and automated.

Dynamics GP Efficiencies for Not-for-Profit

Control Account Management– Redistribute payables and receivables, and control account balances automatically based on the segment ID of each account. Create reports that display each segment’s balance. Print a summary report that shows payables and receivables information for respective cost centers.

Encumbrance Management– Reserve funds from a budget when purchase orders are created. Create encumbrances for standard, drop-ship, blanket and drop-ship blanket orders. Setup password management to monitor encumbrances if they are set to exceed budgets.

Interfund Management– Reconcile accounts between different companies or divisions. “Due to” and “Due from” transactions are automatically created to help keep your accounts in balance.

Grant Management– Integration with AnalyticalNot-for-Profit
Accounting tracks accounting transactions relating to a grant and helps to streamline the grant management process and keep a closer eye on daily transactions and expenditures. Integration also allows you to create budgets for grants and other transaction dimensions, and check start and end dates of grants and budgets.

Grant Management Made Easier with Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP grant management allows your company togrant-management-download-pdf-here-final
demonstrate accountability by tracking grants and automating your grant application information. Let your NFP attract future funding as a result of the organization and tracking available with Dynamics GP. Grant management in Microsoft Dynamics GP will:

  • Centralize your grant information
  • Help make better spending decisions
  • Ensure timely compliance
  • Improve decision making

Take your Not-for-Profit to the next level of success with the help of Dynamics GP and the experienced staff at Joesoftware.  Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a demonstration with a NFP specialist.