Documents Access for Mobile Workers

Having a smart phone means that you can take your office with you wherever you go. Mobile workers are requesting tools to support their work out of the office, and organizations need to be able to respond in a secure, cost effective manner. Many organizations start out by enabling employees access to email on their smart phones. As a first step this can be invaluable, but it inevitably leads to employees wanting more.

Once employees have access to email on their smart phone, generally the next thing they want is access to documents. If your organization stores documents in shared folders that can be a tricky request to fulfil. But did you know that if you use Microsoft SharePoint to manage your documents then providing access to documents on a smart phone is really simple?

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 cost effectively delivers documents to your smart phone.  It even provides multiple ways to view documents: one view that is optimized for a mobile browser and a second full-screen view that mimics the desktop view of a SharePoint site and serves this up to a mobile device.

The obvious issues with providing access to documents on a smart phone is one of security. Luckily, SharePoint Server 2013 supports multiple authentication methods and authentication modes compatible with a variety of mobile browsers and devices.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 on a smart phone uses the same access settings that you have when you access SharePoint from a desktop, laptop or tablet.  Using the security settings in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, you have the ability to set privileges regarding what employees can see, share and edit. You can see what employees have viewed or edited via the audit trail in the system.

Providing mobile workers with direct access to documents via a smart phone provides endless options to organizations that are seeking to improve business efficiency. You can make your forms available to your mobile workforce so that they can be completed in the field. Alternatively, you can provide reference information about your clients, like quotes and invoices. Where will you start?

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