Microsoft Windows Update Creates GP Printing Issues

Dynamics GP Printing Black Boxes Instead of Images

Recently we were notified by Microsoft of an issue with Report Writer. The problem is that when you print in Dynamics GP, black boxes may appear instead of images. This is most likely affecting the company branding.

Details of this issue can be found in the Microsoft GP Community Post.

Microsoft has confirmed that the source of this issue, which is not limited to problems with GP, is a result of recent Windows updates. As most systems have the Windows update set as automatic, there is no real awareness as to why GP printing would suddenly have an issue.

The Microsoft GP group is working with the Windows group to better understand how their changes have impacted printing calls in Dynamics GP. There is optimism for a Windows fix shortly, but it is unclear at this time as to when or if that might be available.

The Temporary Solution

Although not optimal, there is a fix that should rectify any printing issues you might be experiencing with GP in the short term. What is required is:

  1. Roll the Windows update back on any workstations or servers involved in the printing process.
  2. Pause the Windows updates.

To help with this rollback process, we have produced a small guide: How to Uninstall a Windows Update.  

The Fix

Once Microsoft provides a fix to Windows, we will update this post.

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