Hotfix for GP Canadian Payroll January 2018

Microsoft has released a January GP Hotfix that will be available the week of January 22nd.

Main Concern:

  1. If you submit a T4 XML file without the hotfix or a manual edit, it will be rejected by Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. The Quebec tax calculation in GP is currently calculating less tax than required.

Hotfixes include:

  • Update to XML file for T4’s and T4A’s – Currently an additional line added to the file results in the file being rejected by CRA. The fix can correct this, or the line can be manually removed.  Joesoftware can help with removing the line if you require assistance.
  • Updated RL-1 Slip
  • Update for Quebec basic amount (TP-1015.3-V). A script is available to update existing employee TP-1015.3-V values.
  • The Alberta basic personal exemption amount may be off by $1 after the year-end update. There is a script available to update existing employee basic personal exemption amounts.
  • Update for Quebec tax calculation – Currently GP is calculating less tax than required; the hot fix corrects the calculation issue.

Versions affected:

GP 2013 (This is the last patch for this version, you should be planning an upgrade before mid-year!)

  • Version 12.00.2230

GP 2015

  • Version 14.00.1100

GP 2016

  • Version 18.00.0427

Here is the link to the official Microsoft Dynamics GP blog with the details; you are encouraged to read what is affected in case it impacts your business!

If you have any questions or concerns, or want more information on whether these fixes will affect your organization please contact us at

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