Microsoft Announces GP 2016 R2 Features and the End of Support for GP 2013

A new year has started with Microsoft’s much anticipated communications, announcing key features in the latest Dynamics GP 2016 R2 release.  There are a significant number of new features that will be of interest to many Canadian GP users; however, there are also several new functions that are only relevant to U.S. GP customers.  Here are some of the new features that Canadian GP customers should note:

  • Project Accounting Project Time & Expense timesheet status report
  • Project Accounting Trial Balance Report with distribution line changes reflected on the report
  • Cancel Purchase Order lines when linked to a requisition
  • Reconciled Transaction Maintenance for Bank Reconciliation
  • Safe Pay Check Name Format
  • Display Tax Percentage for Historical Sales Transactions
  • Batch Edited by Another User
  • Link Credit Card Invoices to Original Invoices
  • SmartList Designer Smart Lists available in Advanced Look-Ups
  • SmartList Favorite Protection
  • PowerBI on Web Client home page

This is a very high level summary of the features in Dynamics GP 2016 R2.  For a more comprehensive list and description, just click on Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Application and System Features.  There is also a video you can access here.

The announcement of this feature list which may, in itself, be a strong reason to upgrade. Microsoft has also announced that the taxes / year-end support for Dynamics GP 2013 will end in April 2018.  This deadline provides additional rationale for any GP2013 customers to plan for their upgrade sometime in 2017.

Upgrading Dynamics GP to a more current version is always recommended as it increases functionality, improves efficiency and provides a better user experience.  Current versions will also continue to be supported not only with tax tables, but also with security updates, hotfixes, and patches.

If you are considering the right time to do your GP upgrade, contact us so that we can help you assess your planning requirements and schedule the optimal time to get the upgrade done.

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