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Overcoming Educational Institution Complexity

Educational institutions have specialized needs that ERP solutions can help manage. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, your school board or educational institution can manage with a lot less organizational stress.  We reduce reporting challenges, redundant data entry and minimize administration resources to run your organization.  And with specialized industry-specific solution, you can have finance, HR management, payroll, and employee scheduling all in one cloud-based application

Efficiencies for Educational Institutions

Financial Management– Robust Finance and Procurement solution is designed to reduce errors, duplication, and delays, with an integrated system that connects all components of your organization’s finances.  It automates tedious administrative tasks and helps mitigate financial risks while empowering staff at all levels to be more accountable for informed financial decisions. The solution can also accommodate specialized solutions like Fund Accounting, Commitments, and Encumbrances.  Other supported financial functions include Requisition Management, Purchasing, Financial Analysis, Cash Management, and more.

Human Capital Management – Human Capital Management brings together all the components of a modern HR operation, making managing employee records, performance appraisals, benefits, training, and even collective agreements simple. Some of the core capabilities are overall Employee Management, Absence and Leave Management, Employee and Manager Self-Service, Position Management, Compensation Management, Training & Qualification Management, Benefits Management, Collective Agreement Management, and Seniority Management.

Payroll – Payroll Administration capabilities are designed to ensure an accurate, streamlined payroll process that frees up time for staff to focus on serving community constituents. The administration capabilities encompass a wide range of payroll end-to-end needs including Advanced Calculations, Direct Deposits, Direct and Indirect Cost Allocations, Comparison Analysis, Pay Codes and Deduction Codes, Compensation Journal Validation, and Employee Earnings Allocations.

Employee Scheduling– K12 education sectors often must manage complex, distributed workforces with dynamic shift schedules. Ensuring you have qualified personnel available is important to effectively serve the people who depend on you is critical. We have the solution that makes scheduling more efficient and organized that tightly integrates with finance, HR, and payroll. Inclusive is a time clock solution, shift trading capabilities, and time entry with approvals and payroll integration.

Educational Institution Management Is Made Easier with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Take your educational institution to the next level of success with the help of Dynamics 365 Business Central and the experienced staff at Joesoftware.  Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a demonstration with an Industry specialist.