Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is Microsoft’s solution for managing a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. For organizations that utilize Microsoft Office suite, Dynamics CRM is the perfect solution to consider as it integrates seamlessly. The solution can be optimized using specialized relationship management capabilities in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

To accelerate your digital transformation, you need a new type of business application; one that breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP, that is powered by data and intelligence, and helps capture new business.  That’s Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Whether you are looking for a completely synchronized ERP and CRM solution, or simply the latest specialized CRM functionality like sales, talent or field service, Dynamics 365 has a solution that can meet your specific business needs. Check out our Dynamics 365 page for more information.

Microsoft Dynamics xRM

xRM is the concept of “anything (“x”) Relationship Management” as Dynamics CRM is built on a framework that allows for total customization of modules. This powerful yet flexible platform can readily be designed to replace spreadsheets and access databases built to manage business information. A typical capability is to complement or drive primary enterprise and financial applications (ERP).  Check our Dynamics xRM page for more information.

Why Partner with Joesoftware and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365?

For over 17 years, Joesoftware’s Dynamics CRM/365 consultants have been designing and delivering advanced solutions, both for specific customer needs and for our own products.  Whether we are starting from scratch or integrating with other systems, Joesoftware has the right people with the right skills to deliver the solution that meets our customers’ needs.  To learn more about how we can advance your organization with Dynamics CRM/365, contact us today.