Hiring from a pool

Hiring contractors is a different discipline to hiring employees. Rather than hiring one at a time, contractors are typically drawn from a pool of pre-qualified resources. The Contractor Recruitment Accelerator supports the process of advertising a generalised job role to collect resumes to form a candidate pool, based on specific skills. It also manages the process to qualify resources into the candidate pool. Low value, labour intensive tasks like responding to applicants regarding progress through the recruitment phases are automated. Alerts can be created to trigger activities to renew and refresh a candidate pool.

Resourcing projects

Once a project is agreed, you need to quickly fill specific jobs on that project.  The Contractor Recruitment Accelerator manages the process of raising a requisition to fill a specific job on a project. It also manages the process of identifying the best candidates within a pool, as well as the selection process of screening and interviewing contractors. The tool promotes a repeatable process which automates activities to make the recruitment process simple and lower-cost. The Contractor Recruitment Accelerator also provides tools to make the onboarding process for new or repeat contractors simple to administer.

Reporting and Performance Metrics

The Contractor Management Accelerator builds upon the dashboard, reporting and query functionality inherent in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver reports on key contractor recruitment metrics as well as the project portfolio. Gaps in contractor availability are highlighted, allowing you to proactively act to keep a healthy pool of pre-qualified resources available. All the data regarding projects and resources can be reported on, or queried and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Additional functionality can be added to the core accelerator support the following:

Managing a portfolio of projects

When a number of projects are being run concurrently it can be hard to keep track of who is working on what. Through a simple interface you can see live and historic projects, and which resources are allocated to each project at any given time, be they contractors or your own team members. You can also capture metrics regarding projects, allowing you to manage your portfolio of projects.

 Managing delivery

Once individual contractors are allocated to projects the tool helps you to track the length of time individuals are involved with a project, and can capture timesheet and billing information about a project. The history of completed projects is held, so you can see the history of a contractor across projects that are still running or that are complete. You can track your satisfaction with the performance of individual contractors so that you can identify the best performers and offer them future projects.

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