Recruitment problems can quickly hit your bottom line
We continue to see skills shortages in Canada, particularly in Alberta for engineering, technology and business roles. The shortage affects both technical jobs and those that require soft skills like communication and managerial skills.  Skills shortages lead to open positions that cannot easily be filled. These open positions translate into lost revenue and growth opportunities for organizations.

Your recruitment process makes the first impression
In order to fill positions during skills shortages, organizations require flawless recruitment processes. The recruitment process is the first experience candidates have with an organization, so it should be clean, quick and give the very best impression of your organization.

Recruitment Accelerator creates an intimate recruitment experience
Joesoftware has developed a Recruitment Accelerator, built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Using Business Process Flows, you can create a more intimate recruitment experience for the candidate while speeding up the recruitment process over all. The solution manages the recruitment process end to end. This enables a consistent process for recruitment for HR and the Hiring Manager. Low value-add activities are automated to allow your team to spend valuable time with the best candidates.

Reporting can help find and resolve gaps in your recruitment pipeline
Dashboards and reporting are crucial tools in making transparent the pipeline of qualified candidates. The solution provides reporting and dashboards that allow the organization to move from historic reporting about recruitment to predictive analysis of the candidate pipeline. This can identify gaps in the candidate pipeline allowing proactive management of the issue before it impacts your operations.

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