Microsoft Increases Commitment to Dynamics GP with a New Lifecycle Policy

Microsoft has recently strengthened the long term commitment to Dynamics GP by announcing the new Modern Policy. What this means is that Microsoft will now release at least 3 times a year and provide any additional updates if needed. The Modern Policy offers continuous support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features and the latest tax updates.

So why should this matter to current GP customers?

Well it’s pretty simple. This is a significant increase in the level of commitment by Microsoft to ensure that they are continuously improving the product and maintaining it at the same rate they have for other leading software products under the Microsoft banner.

So if you’re hearing rumors that Microsoft is getting out of the Dynamics GP business, this announcement should provide you fact that it is quite the opposite!

The next release of Dynamics GP is the first under this Modern Policy and is slated for the week of October 7th, 2019.

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