MS Dynamics GP2015 R2 Has Released

MS Dynamics GP2015 R2 released last week and it is surrounded by a lot of excitement.   With over 25 new features, I am sure it will be difficult to dig into all of them, so based on your feedback here are a few of those new features that are sure to make the top of your list!

Purchasing All-In-One Document View – this gets a 5-star rating from me

This is a newly designed window inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 that allows users to view related purchasing documents in a single window.  Accessible from the Vendor Maintenance window, many purchasing inquiry windows, Navigation lists and even the Home Page, this window will save users time when searching for all information related to a specific purchasing document.  The window defaults to the most recent documents and by using the navigation buttons you can display the next set of 5 transactions under each column.

Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts – this too is close to the top and gets a 4.5-star rating

I can’t tell you how frustrating many users find the two-step process for cash receipts.  Those of us who have used the product forever just accept the fact that after you enter your Cash Receipt, you have to complete the Bank Deposit.   This new feature has the option to have cash receipts directly update the check book balance without the need to manually post the cash receipt into Bank Reconciliation.  To select the option, mark the “Automatically post cash receipt deposits” checkbox in the Company Setup Options window.

When this option is marked, cash receipts entered in Cash Receipt Entry, Receivables Transaction Entry, Sales Transaction Entry, and Invoice Entry will be deposited automatically in the checkbook, updating the checkbook balance.

Combine General Ledger Inquiry – although the GL can be rather boring, this gets 4  stars as it will save you a lot of time when reconciling year over year data

In GP2015 R2, the General Ledger Inquiry windows have been consolidated.  Now you can view open and historical information in the same window for both the Summary and Detail Inquiry windows as well as for the Account Summary.   Any go-to’s or drill backs now go the single window instead of the user picking open or history.

Historical Received – Not Invoiced Report – hard to rate this one but based on the support hours we can spend to assist users with this challenge, I am giving this a 5-star rating

There is a new SQL Reporting Services report available in GP2015 R2 that is based on the current Received Not Invoiced report but contains added functionality that allows you to define a cut-off date based on either Transaction or GL post date.   This allows you to use the report for historical purposes and allows you to see what was received into inventory but not yet invoiced as of a specific date.

More high level features to get you excited:

  • Expanded workflow in AP around Transaction Approvals,
  • SmartLists displaying Debits then Credits along with a visual indicator for customers over their credit limit

I hope you are excited to see what else this new release has in store.  For the most up to the date announcements on product releases, check out the Dynamics GP team blog.

Download the What’s New Dynamics GP 2015

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