Nice-To-Have Features in GP2013 and GP2015

12 Weeks of Winter – Week 11

In our last blog, Week 10 of the 12 Weeks of Winter, we focused on some Purchasing and Fixed Asset features released with GP2013 and GP2015.   With over 100 new features available with the newest releases, I want to give you a quick overview of what else you can look forward to.   If you are looking specifically for GP2015 features, the Dynamics Community has a blog with videos and details around the new features that is definitely worth you investment of time.

As someone who has worked with the Dynamics GP product for many years, I find it hard to focus on one area when it comes to new features.  Over the last 10 weeks I have highlighted the “Wow” features; however I don’t want to overlook some of the nice-to-have items.   In many cases, it is those little things that get you excited and reaffirms your decision to upgrade!  Here is a quick 60 second overview for GP2013:

Email Functionality:

  • SOP back order and packing slip documents
  • RM Customer Statements

Home Page:

    • Outlook has been removed
    • Metrics was replaced by the Business Analyzer (see Week 8’s blog)
    • You can maximize and minimize area pages in your home page
    • You can move area pages within your home page
    • You can customize the number of columns and location of display on your home page
    • Self Service is a new home page role

Desktop Action Pane:

  • User Preferences allows you to select how to display commands in the Dynamics GP windows

wk 11 image 1


  • The sort order is saved on a per user, per company basis when you save a default lookup view for your master records in the following windows:
  • Items lookup window
  • Employees lookup window
  • Customers and Prospects lookup window
  • Salespeople lookup window
  • Vendors lookup window


  • Changes to how you can interact with the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window


  • New submenu has been added. From the Favorites Pane Submenu you can hide or show the Favorites Pane, increase or decrease the size of the Favorites Pane and choose to automatically hide the Favorite Pane after selecting a SmartList Favorite.

wk 11 image 2

General Ledger:

    • Mark the Clear Balances During Year-End Close for Unit Accounts
    • More options available during the Year-End Close for inactive accounts with zero balances
    • View the Status/Progress of your Year-End Close once you hit the Year-End Close button

Payables Management:

  • Ability to change the remit to Address ID on existing payables transaction – allowing an edit rather than having to void the transaction
  • Reprint remittance forms and check stubs
  • When voiding a payment that has a credit or return applied to an invoice, the credit or return is automatically unapplied from the invoice and be reapplied as needed
  • You can combine a vendor ID with another existing vendor ID using the Vendor Combiner and Modifier window
  • You can now set up a default sort order for printing your cheques

Receivables Management:

    • Define labels for user defined fields in Customer Address Maintenance
    • View the Checkbook ID in Cash Receipt window that the Cash Receipt was applied to
  • You can combine a customer ID with another existing customer ID using the Customer Combiner and Modifier window

Bank Reconciliation:

  • The Outstanding Transaction Report is now included in the reports that can be reprinted

Analytical Accounting:

  • AA now integrates with:
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • SOP deposits and payments
    • Finance charges
    • Landed Costs in POP

Electronic Banking:

  • Enhancements to both the EFT field length and the EFT settlement date

As you can see, the list is long – too long to highlight every new feature.  For more features and in depth details you can check out the Dynamics Community blog for GP2013.

Stay tuned as the calendar turns to March where our last blog of our 12 Weeks of Winter will take out the unknowns around your upgrade and have you looking for ways to start benefiting from the many new features highlighted in our 12 Weeks of Winter.

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