Customizations for Dynamics GP

Advanced Manual Cheque Tracking
Extend manual cheque tracking in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll by allowing separate cheque sequence numbers to be entered and tracked in cheque books.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Advanced Overtime Calculator
Extend the basic overtime generation functionality by calculating overtime wages for semi-monthly batches, using different formulae for jurisdictional or industry requirements.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Advanced Rate Table Manager
Rate tables have never been easier. Enhance your use of rate tables by automatically compensating for mid-cycle pay adjustments and creating a history of changes. Gain the ability to generate batches based on rate tables.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Advanced Safety Tracking
Extend your capture of safety incident tracking data by expanding the fields within Dynamics GP’s HR Safety Module. Great for WCB claims and improved statistical trending.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP HR

Advanced WennSoft Rate Tables
Do you have WennSoft Job Costing but wish the employee rate tables transferred over to Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll? Wait no longer! With Advanced WennSoft Rate Tables, exploit the full power of WennSoft’s rate tables without manual intervention or rekeying of data. Works with all pay types.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, WennSoft Job Costing

Employee Audit Trail Manager
Never ask, “What happened?” again! With Employee Audit Trail Manager, you can instantly track down who, when and what was changed on an employee card.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Employee Auto Debit
Do you have employees on Maternity Leave, Short Term Disability or other leave who are still responsible for paying their benefits? Canadian Payroll allows for arrears or delayed deductions to track these payments. Employee Auto Debit allows you to pay the benefits premiums, then generate an ASCII file for the bank to recover the money immediately from your employee’s bank account.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Enhanced Paycode Calculator
This tool extends the calculation options of Paycodes within Canadian Payroll.
Examples of some of the types of improvements include:
Adding Age / Gender / Smoker bands to Group Life calculations
Setting Overtime Paycodes to a factor of Regular time
Providing a variety of options to calculate annual salary other than the Estimated Annual Salary bucket.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Fringe Benefits Allocator
Fringe Benefits Allocator allows for actual benefits to be automatically posted back into Project Accounting. Project Accounting does a great job of capturing time expenses but uses an estimated surcharge for many of the other costs associated with time. If your projects require actual costs instead of estimated amounts, Fringe Benefits Allocator is the tool for you.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll and Project Accounting

Overbuden Allocator
Automatically allocate overburden amounts on wage expenses to your general ledger.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Payroll Payables Manager
Are you tired of having to cut one cheque for payroll and another for employee expenses? Have you ever had a direct deposit go awry because the information was updated in Payroll but not in Payables? Payroll Payables Manager automatically clears an outstanding payable to a Vendor and creates an expense paycode for your employees. Now you can simplify your information flows, reduce your processing costs and even eliminate the need for EFT for Payables in your Dynamics GP system.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management, Canadian Payroll

Payroll Receivables Manager
Do you have a gift shop or cafeteria where your employees can charge expenses? Have you ever wanted to have these expenses automatically deducted from their pay? Payroll Receivables Manager (“RM”) can help. By setting up a simple link between RM and Payroll, all outstanding Receivables can be easily recovered from an employee’s pay.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Receivables Management, Canadian Payroll

Pension Adjustment Manager
Automatically calculates pension adjustments from within Canadian Payroll.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Quick Cheque
Too many buttons or steps to follow to simply process payments in Canadian Payroll? Quick Cheque was designed as your dashboard to faster payroll processing. Simply start Quick Cheque, pick the payroll steps you want completed automatically and hit “GO”. Quick Cheque handles the rest of the processing for you. Works with small and large batches. Just start processing and head for a well-deserved coffee.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Shipping Unit Manager
Shipping Unit Manager allows companies to detail quantity and value of product in shipments. Useful for producing international shipping documents for customs purposes. Break 2000 pieces into an appropriate number of boxes / units per box and produce the appropriate export documents.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing

Step Hours Accumulator
Do your employees move between wage classes based on incurred time? Step Hour Accumulator keeps track of time incurred within a class and automatically moves employees when their threshold is reached.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Superannuation & Pension Reporting
Automatically calculate and report superannuation and pension data for your government employees.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Vacation Auditor
Vacation Auditor (“VA”) provides certainty to your vacation entitlement balance. Each time a batch is run, Vacation Auditor takes a snapshot of vacation entitlements and produces an audit report identifying Previous Balance, Accrued Vacation, Used Vacation, Manual Adjustments and New Balance. With VA, your payroll staff can always validate vacation liability and provide certainty that balances have not been changed in the Employee’s card.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

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