MarshalTM OH&S management software

Efficiency software for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
Managing accurate OH&S (occupational health and safety) records has never been more important. Marshal lets you arm your safety champion with a simple, cost-effective, highly flexible system to capture, track, and manage OH&S requirements.

For employees, Marshal is as easy to use as Microsoft Outlook — a quick learning curve that reduces training expenses. Managers can track, approve, notify and distribute safety information from a single web-based interface, including setting Outlook alerts and notifications. At the office or in the field, managers can view Marshal’s analytics within Outlook, export data to Excel or SharePoint, and integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, and SQL server databases.

marshal-icon-1 Custom information and reporting for quick access
Create custom dashboards to quickly access information by location, employee or incident.
marshal-icon-2 Simple employee profile management
Input and log employee communication, actions, incidents and training certificates.
marshal-icon-3 Complies with Alberta and NWT Safety Standards
Alberta and NWT safety standards are some of the most rigid in Canada. With Marshal, you immediately comply with the highest safety standards for your industry.

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You’ll need:

  • Microsoft CRM (on-premise or SaaS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (on-premise or SaaS)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add our company’s logo to our reports?
    Yes, Marshal allows you to customize reports including your company’s logo.
  2. Can we transition our existing reporting system to Marshal?
    Marshal can help every company, from those with simple manual or spreadsheet-based reporting systems, to companies with sophisticated reporting requirements or complex legacy systems.
  3. Can Marshal be integrated with other solutions?
    Joesoftware can help integrate Marshal with your in-house system — HR and personnel databases, ERP, content-management and Active Directory systems, and many others. Contact us to discuss your particular integration requirements.
  4. Is an on-premise model available?
    Yes, on-premise models are available.
  5. How do users access Marshal?
    Marshal may be accessed through any internet connection, on desktop or mobile devices and tablets.
  6. Do I need an IT resource or computer person to install and maintain Marshal?
    No. Marshal integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so it can easily be managed by any staff who deal with OH&S, such as those in HR departments.
  7. What if I add or change my hardware?
    Simply let your Marshal support representative walk you through the process.
  8. How can Marshal be customized?
    Marshal lets clients easily create custom dashboards, workflows, and KPI reports. For assistance, or for more complex customizations, contact Joesoftware.
  9. What training is necessary to use Marshal?
    Though Marshal is intuitive and easy to use, Joesoftware can provide training to key staff on-premise, at our offices, or via the web.
  10. How do I upgrade Marshal?
    Software-assurance revisions, patches, and upgrades are included with the purchase of Marshal.

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