PennyTM employee self-service software

Efficiency software for Microsoft® Dynamics GP
Software that gives Canadian employees fast, direct access to their payroll information through a convenient, simple, web-based interface. No need to contact the HR department — employees can track their own hours, see pay stubs, and find other relevant information and records. 24/7, from anywhere in the world. At the same time, administrators have a direct route to update management information.

penny-icon-1 Direct access and simple payroll management
Employees can manage timesheet inputs directly or have delegates enter on their behalf and submit for approval.
penny-icon-2 Adaptable and customizable
Configure Penny to streamline HR workflows or integrate add-ons to suit your needs. Work with other tools? Penny works with Microsoft Dynamic ISVs like WennSoft, Diamond, Olympic and other punch clock systems and project accounting systems.
penny-icon-3 Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP
Built to work with Canadian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP and meet Canada Revenue Agency standards.

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PennyTM customizations

Need advanced time tracking capabilities? Stretch Penny even further with e-Timeclock and Timesheet Template customizations.

Simplify Penny for your environment. With e-Timeclock, you can simulate punch-in, punch-out time tracking using a browser. Multiple interfaces available from simple time in / out to distribution by department and projects.
Requirements: Penny, Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Get running with Penny

You’ll need:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll or Human Resources
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server with IIS on SMTP server

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a job-costing system. Can Penny track time against the jobs in my third-party system?
    Yes. Penny has the ability to capture time to Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting, WennSoft Service Management, WennSoft Job Costing, Diamond Project Costing, Olympic Job Costing, WorkTech and Canadian Payroll Jobs. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best project-costing solution for your business and Penny will connect to it hassle-free.
  2. I have a punch-clock system. Can I use it to collect the data and push the approvals through Penny?
    Yes. Penny can import time from any biometric, scan card or punch-clock system that can produce an ASCII file. Sometimes some effort may be required to configure the ASCII file and do some data validation, but with Penny you are well on your way.
  3. Will Penny work with Microsoft Dynamics US Payroll ?
    No. At this time, Penny is designed to work with Canadian Payroll only. We have done projects to integrate to US Payroll, but they involve significant customization.
  4. I have the HR Module. Can Penny show my staff their HR Data?
    Penny connects to the Canadian payroll tables. Some HR tables synchronize with Canadian payroll tables (such as employee names, addresses, and phone numbers). Dynamics GP ensures the data between HR and Canadian payroll are the same. Penny displays the information from Canadian payroll tables.
  5. Can Penny help me with my vacation planning?
    Yes. Penny features a leave-management system that allows employees to see their vacation entitlements and book holidays. Their managers can see balances, and a calendar of department leave requests, to help them decide if they will approve a leave.
  6. What if my staff are not computer-savvy enough to enter their own time?
    No problem. Penny’s interface allows a crew chief or administrative assistant to enter times on behalf of other employees, which will flow through the powerful approval engine before being processed by payroll.
  7. What about business intelligence capabilities?
    Penny includes several built-in business intelligence reports. Because Penny relies on the same tools as Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can use Smartlist Builder or SSRS to create reports on key metrics from Penny data. There is no need to learn another reporting system.
  8. Can an employee access Penny through their mobile device?
    Yes, our latest Penny version 5.0 has a mobile-optimized URL which allows an employee to see their pay advice slip and T4 from anywhere there is an internet connection, as well as enter timesheet information. Penny 5 mobile will be expanded in the near future to include the leave request functionality, which is currently available through the main URL.
  9. Can we update our Penny version ourselves?
    If your version of Penny is 5.0 or higher, you can update yourself and get the latest hotfixes.  To do this, follow the Penny 5+Update Instructions.  You can download the latest files which are March 2020 Hotfix. If you are on an earlier version, do not use this hotfix.  You will need to upgrade your version, so please contact us to discuss your options.
  10. How do I install/update a new Penny registration Key?
    • Login as administrator in Penny
    • In the main menu, under Admin | System Admin | Preferences, In the “Allow Install Page Access”, select Yes and save.
    • Navigate to the following page: <Penny>/register/joeinstallkey.asp (e.g. if penny address is https://penny, then navigate to https://penny/register/joeinstallkey.asp).
    • Copy and paste the penny registration key and click “Install”.
    • Navigate to the following page: <Penny>/register/joekeyinfo.asp (e.g. if penny address is https://penny, then navigate to https://penny/register/joekeyinfo.asp), all the fields should be green. If any fields are red, there are discrepancies between the penny environment vs the reg key.
    • Registration complete.

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