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NEW! Excel Everywhere
Excel Everywhere allows for simple, user driven data integration between Excel and many Dynamics GP windows. Open the Excel File, and select your data and seamlessly paste it into Dynamics GP.
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Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

NEW! Payroll Power Pack
Stop using spreadsheets to track information that belongs in Payroll. Payroll Power Pack™ adds the features you have been missing to create a more accurate and complete payroll system.
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Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

NEW! Advanced Batch Import
Do you have external systems for capturing timesheet information?  Import this data into Canadian Payroll with Advanced Batch Import.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

NEW! Job Distribution Manager
Job Distribution Manager (“JDM”) extends the functionality of Canadian Payroll by enabling distribution masking on Canadian Payroll Jobs. Actual costs can be easily redistributed to any type of job and additional costs, such as Vacation Accrual, can be added to the totals. If Billing and Project Budgeting are not required but allocation of time cost is, JDM can solve your needs without the requirements for a Project Accounting or Job Costing module.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll.

NEW! T4 Printing on Blank Paper
If you print T4’s directly from Dynamics GP, then you know how challenging it is to align the fields to the CRA form. No need to be frustrated this year! Our formatted T4 report solution allows you to easily print your T4’s on blank paper. Whether it’s one or many, this is a solution that can save a lot of time.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Active Directory Manager
Too many passwords to remember? Active Directory Manger (“ADM”) enables active directory integration for Penny and Spencer, reducing the number of passwords end-users need to remember and eliminating the need for a separate login for Microsoft Business Portal.
Requirements: Penny or Spencer

Advanced Payroll Distribution
Advanced Payroll Distribution (“APD”) is the hybrid you need to further allocate your payroll income, benefits and deductions paycodes. Rather than being limited to only fixed or variable distributions, APD allows you to distribute common paycodes based on a fixed percentage and exception paycodes based on income splits in the current batch.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP EFT for Payables

Alberta Treasury Branch EFT for Payables and Direct Deposit
Extend the supportable formats of EFT for Payables and Payroll Direct Deposit to include the Alberta Treasury Branch native format. Simply install this tool, set it up and start processing.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP EFT for Payables or Canadian Payroll

Bank Reconciliation Manager
Bank Reconciliation Manager (“BRM”) improves both the Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation module and Encore’s Bank Reconciliation tool. Starting with Dynamics GP cheque books, BRM seamlessly integrates both cheques and direct deposit payments into the same chequebook. Reconciliation becomes even clearer by setting BRM to post direct deposit payments in summary and cheques in detail so your bank statement matches your reconciliation every time.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll with Bank Reconciliation or Encore Multi-Currency Bank Reconciliation

Direct Deposit Manager
Direct Deposit Manager (“DDM”) is a “must have” tool for companies running multiple payroll batches for the same pay cycle. DDM combines multiple Direct Deposit batches together and it even allows them to be recreated if lost!
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

Multi-Batch eliminates the bottlenecks around payroll processing and allows Canadian Payroll to scale up to many thousand employees, or simply allows the payroll team to multi-task and process several batches at once. With this tool, two, three or an entire payroll team can calculate payroll batches at the same time. The functionality of payroll gets even better by using Multi-Batch’s Batch Swapping feature. This allows a batch to be “set aside” in the middle of processing so another batch can be worked on. Then when the clerk is ready, the first batch can be swapped back in and processing can continue from the point the batch was set aside, without any loss of time or information.
Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

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