SpencerTM expense management software

Efficiency software for Microsoft® Dynamics GP
Finally, a solution to the millions of tiny pieces of paper that go astray between incurring business expenses and the monthly hassle of claiming them.

With Spencer, everyone in the company gets immediate, secure access to their records, from anywhere. Entering receipts and information is a snap.

spencer-icon-1 Smart Expense Workflows
Configurable expense reporting that fits how you do business. Need integration? Spencer can auto-populate incoming expenses from many credit card companies.
spencer-icon-2 Self-hosted and secure
Keep information secure and safe. Build in corporate controls to pay only valid expenses.
spencer-icon-3 Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP
Built to work with Purchasing Management, Multi-Currency Management (optional) and Project Accounting (optional) for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Tax customization for SpencerTM

Jurisdiction-based Taxes
Do your employees frequently travel between provinces or states? Change Spencer’s default tax auto-calculation to base its decisions on expense type and local tax schedules.
Requirements: Spencer, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Windows Server with IIS on SMTP server

Get running with Spencer

You’ll need:

  • Purchasing Management, Multi-Currency Management (optional) or Project Accounting (optional)
  • Microsoft Windows Server with IIS on SMTP server

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need to capture expenses against projects. Can Spencer help?
    Yes. Spencer can natively integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting, or you can set up projects and cost codes in Spencer and capture time for any third-party system.
  2. Will Spencer handle my GST / PST / HST?
    Yes. To ensure proper tax capture and reporting, Spencer uses the tax schedules and IDs configured in Dynamics GP. Spencer then automatically calculates taxes and allows you to override rounding differences between systems.
  3. I use a credit card for many of my expenses. Do I really have to enter all the details?
    No you do not. Spencer can import expenses from many credit card providers and assign them to the right expense type and employee. You can then add any additional details to the expenses and submit them for approval without having to enter them from scratch.
  4. Can Spencer handle multiple currencies?
    Yes. Spencer can allow entry in multiple currencies.
  5. I have some expenses that need to go to multiple GL accounts. Does Spencer do that?
    Yes. Spencer allows for a default GL account to be assigned to expenses but can be overridden to distribute parts of the expense amount to other accounts.
  6. My employees don’t know where I want things coded in my GL. Can Spencer allow them to enter information without making a mess of my GL?
    Yes. By default, expense types are user-definable and can be assigned to a natural GL account. Spencer then allows you to configure other attributes (such as an employee’s department) that automatically mask a portion of the GL account. This way, employees enter things that make sense to them — Spencer does all the heavy lifting to ensure it is coded to the right place.
  7. Can I attach electronic receipts in Spencer?
    Yes. Spencer allows receipts to be attached anywhere along the workflow. If you have a document management system with an API, our professional services team can even integrate Spencer for you.
  8. What about business intelligence capabilities?
    Spencer includes several built-in business intelligence reports. Because Spencer relies on the same tools as Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can use Smartlist Builder or SSRS to create reports on key metrics from Spencer data. There is no need to learn another reporting system.

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