Safety Meetings – Make Them Meaningful!

Use safety meetings as an effective, simple way to familiarize your employees with workplace hazards to reduce job related accidents and injuries.

Initially this can seem like a daunting task, but by applying some thought to it, you can maximize your benefits.  You can define a set of meetings for your needs by examining your business cycles and taking into consideration equipment and environmental factors.

Helpful Tips:

1. Consider the type of work your company does and the equipment that is commonly used.  In a factory or manufacturing work place, meetings on forklifts, dollies and carts cleaning, electrical, pinch and crushing hazards could be important.

2.  For construction work, consider using meetings specific to heavy equipment, scaffolding, steel erection, fall protection, concrete, and public/traffic safety.

3.  If your business is conducted outdoors where extreme weather conditions can occur, you can include tips for working in cold weather such as dealing with ice and snow, hypothermia, colds and flu, and severe driving conditions.  In summer conditions, meetings could focus on hydration, beating the heat, hyperthermia and other environmental issues.

4. If your business is seasonal, during the periods when new employees are added as work ramps up, consider focusing on new hire training. These meetings could include work ethics, Personal Protective Equipment, work competency and fitness, discipline, basic safety and first aid training.

Whatever your business, location, or unique requirements, with a little planning you can maximize the benefits of your safety meetings.

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