The importance of experience in ERP implementation

ERP solutions are a huge commitment for any business. When you’re looking at integrating a major business solution it may be tempting to go with an out-of-the-box solution or to try to manage the ERP implementation yourself. The challenge with this is that without an experienced consultant at the helm of the project, important aspects are bound to be overlooked and you run the risk of ending up with a solution that doesn’t meet all of your business requirements.

An experienced ERP consultant will take the time to study your business and processes to make sure that the right solution is implemented. This means choosing an ERP that works with your budget to achieve corporate goals, while ensuring high user adoption.

The top four reasons to choose an experienced ERP consultant:

  1. Detailed business analysis
    When an experienced consultant comes into your business, they know what to look for. They take the time to review your business processes, take into consideration all facets of your organization, weigh needs versus budget and work with your company to ensure that the best possible ERP solution is identified.
  2. Monitored execution
    After a project scope is defined, execution is paramount. This is where your company will ensure that the ERP selected will be able to accomplish overall efficiency savings, streamlining business processes and simplifying manual entry. An experienced consultant knows how to make sure that everything is properly integrated with existing systems to make transitions easy.
  3. System testing
    Experience is worth its weight in gold once ERP implementation is complete and testing starts. A consultant who has been responsible for countless implementations knows which problems to keep an eye out for, how to test systems to ensure that everything is working as it should, and how to remedy any issues that may arise. Testing is one of the most important step in an ERP implementation, and is how businesses ensure that the system will have the desired effects.
  4. Training
    A new ERP can have major implications on your business’ efficiency and productivity, but only if your staff knows how to use it and user adoption is high. Experienced ERP consultants will work with you to select team leads, train them, and help ensure that all employees are educated in how best to use the ERP to the benefit of the entire organization.

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