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PennyTM employee self-service software

Penny software gives employees fast, direct access to their payroll and scheduling information through a convenient, simple, browser-based interface. Penny gives supervisors and administrators a direct route to update management information. It integrates seamlessly with Canadian Payroll and Human Resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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SpencerTM expense management software

Finally, a solution to the millions of tiny pieces of paper that go astray between incurring expenses and the monthly hassle of claiming them. With Spencer, everyone in the company gets immediate, secure access to their records, from anywhere. Entering receipts and information is a snap.

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MarshalTM OH&S management software

Marshal lets you arm your safety champion with a simple, cost-effective, highly flexible system to capture, track, and manage OH&S requirements. Manage people and equipment, track incidents, and quickly analyze data to reduce risk and downtime.

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Portfolio products

Our portfolio products are tools ready to be purchased, installed and used today. They usually began life as customizations, then we refined and quality-tested them to ensure they are robust enough to be used in any business.

These products are sold with annual maintenance, so when Microsoft or Joesoftware issues an update, you will get the corresponding update to your Portfolio product at no additional cost.

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Our customizations are enhancements in production today for some of our clients, that we can often tweak to meet your company’s specific needs. Review our list, and if you don’t see it, let us know.

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