Start planning for a mid-Year CRA Tax Update Now

GP 2015 Tax and Year End Updates End Mid-April

Let’s face it, with the COVID-19 subsidy changes the federal government is making almost weekly, it is anyone’s guess as to whether there will be a mid-year tax update required for Dynamic GP.

If your company has a current version (2016 or newer), you will automatically be able to update the tax tables as soon as Microsoft releases them, which in the past has been early July.

However, if you’re running GP 2015 and Canadian payroll, any mid-year tax table updates will not be applicable. If you were planning to do the upgrade this year so you would be ready for December year-end, you may be in a challenging position if CRA does announce mid-year updates. We won’t know if the mid-year tax updates are happening until early June.

If this is your situation, you should be planning for your upgrade to happen by July 1st, 2020. This will ensure that if tax updates are released, you would be eligible for the Microsoft updates. With a typical timing for upgrades of 6 to 8 weeks, you need to start planning NOW. When you factor in that many people are working remotely, there is even more reason to begin the planning process soon.

What if we don’t upgrade by July 1?

In this unprecedented and uncertain pandemic environment, you may be asking: what happens if there is a mid-year tax update and we do not upgrade GP 2015 by July 1st?

If there are changes and you don’t upgrade on time, it will require manual adjustments at each pay period until you get the tax tables. Keep in mind the degree of difficulty with manual adjustments to payroll is influenced by your number of employees, the number of provinces in which you pay employees, the number of changes CRA publishes, the number of payroll resources you have and your willingness to accept possible errors.

How Joesoftware can help

With virtually every business facing some degree of interruption for the last month and likely for some time to come, budgeting for a GP upgrade may have fallen down your priority list. This is where Joesoftware can help.

In the past, Joesoftware has done custom tax table updates to delay the upgrade. At this point, we are anticipating that CRA will have mid-year updates and that some GP 2015 customers using Canadian payroll will be looking for an alternative way to manage to the end of the year or longer.
If this is a scenario your company may be facing, contact us to learn more about your options.

If you require a custom update, Joesoftware can move quickly to help you make this transition. The more you can advise us in advance of your needs, the better we can advise and prepare your organization.

Microsoft Increases Commitment to Dynamics GP with a New Lifecycle Policy

Microsoft has recently strengthened the long term commitment to Dynamics GP by announcing the new Modern Policy. What this means is that Microsoft will now release at least 3 times a year and provide any additional updates if needed. The Modern Policy offers continuous support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features and the latest tax updates.

So why should this matter to current GP customers?

Well it’s pretty simple. This is a significant increase in the level of commitment by Microsoft to ensure that they are continuously improving the product and maintaining it at the same rate they have for other leading software products under the Microsoft banner.

So if you’re hearing rumors that Microsoft is getting out of the Dynamics GP business, this announcement should provide you fact that it is quite the opposite!

The next release of Dynamics GP is the first under this Modern Policy and is slated for the week of October 7th, 2019.

Are you following provincial rules for paying your employees?

Did you know that Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario have regulations on the information that must be included on an employee’s statement of earnings? 

Do the statements of earnings you provide to your salaried and hourly employees include:

  • The employee’s wage rate and overtime rate?
  • Earnings paid for wages, overtime, general holiday pay and vacation pay – with each of these items listed separately?
  • Hours taken off in lieu of overtime?

If not, your organization needs the Payroll Power Pack to help you more efficiently and easily meet these regulatory requirements.

Payroll Power Pack is an add-on to Penny, our employee self-service Canadian payroll software that is integrated with Dynamics GP. The Payroll Power Pack:

  • gives your organization a more accurate and complete payroll system;
  • reduces the time that would otherwise be required for manual entries;
  • provides employees with the information they need;
  • ensures your organization is meeting provincial employment standards.

To add the Payroll Power Pack to your Penny payroll software, request a demo or for more information, contact

Learn more about the regulatory requirements for payroll reporting in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 Roadmap: Introducing Intelligent Edge

Microsoft has released their latest Dynamics GP Roadmap which is a high-level development plan out to 2020. Along with some improvements and enhancements being planned over the next two years, there is a whole NEW area of capabilities driven by their new Intelligent Edge platform!

Note: GP2018 R2 is scheduled for release on October 1, 2018

Intelligent Edge

Intelligent Edge is designed to bridge Dynamics GP, which is largely an on-premise solution, to the Intelligent Cloud through Dynamics 365 Business Central. In other words, Dynamics GP will have access to all the built-in capabilities of Business Central which includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based analytical capabilities
  • Power BI visualization and reporting capabilities
  • Through PowerApps and Flow, the ability to create powerful mobile applications
  • Data access and storage through Common Data Services


Intelligent Edge Illustration (Source: Business Applications Release Notes)

In this illustration, think of Dynamics GP as the Edge device. GP customers will connect to an instance in the Intelligent Cloud through Business Central, at which point company data will be replicated in that environment. Once in the Cloud ecosystem, the application usage is hugely powerful and versatile. This will dramatically improve data-driven insights and reporting capabilities, as well as enabling access through mobile devices. The release of Intelligence Edge is slated for October 2018.

There will be much more to come on the release of Intelligence Edge and its compliment of Dynamics GP, and we will share as it becomes available. In the mean time, you should feel good about Microsoft continuing to build a solid future for Dynamics GP and how they are incorporating it with their world-class technologies.

Hotfix for GP Canadian Payroll January 2018

Microsoft has released a January GP Hotfix that will be available the week of January 22nd.

Main Concern:

  1. If you submit a T4 XML file without the hotfix or a manual edit, it will be rejected by Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. The Quebec tax calculation in GP is currently calculating less tax than required.

Hotfixes include:

  • Update to XML file for T4’s and T4A’s – Currently an additional line added to the file results in the file being rejected by CRA. The fix can correct this, or the line can be manually removed.  Joesoftware can help with removing the line if you require assistance.
  • Updated RL-1 Slip
  • Update for Quebec basic amount (TP-1015.3-V). A script is available to update existing employee TP-1015.3-V values.
  • The Alberta basic personal exemption amount may be off by $1 after the year-end update. There is a script available to update existing employee basic personal exemption amounts.
  • Update for Quebec tax calculation – Currently GP is calculating less tax than required; the hot fix corrects the calculation issue.

Versions affected:

GP 2013 (This is the last patch for this version, you should be planning an upgrade before mid-year!)

  • Version 12.00.2230

GP 2015

  • Version 14.00.1100

GP 2016

  • Version 18.00.0427

Here is the link to the official Microsoft Dynamics GP blog with the details; you are encouraged to read what is affected in case it impacts your business!

If you have any questions or concerns, or want more information on whether these fixes will affect your organization please contact us at