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About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a tool that can be used to support social collaboration and to develop intranets and portals to share data within an organization, and with clients and trusted partners. It provides enterprise search, content management, and document management and records retention functionality. It has a robust workflow engine and supports business intelligence via customizable dashboards and reporting.

Collaboration tools
Microsoft SharePoint can be used be build intranets and portals to collect, aggregate and serve up data for your organization. Use social collaboration to drive further insights and strengthen team working within your organization as well as with clients and trusted partners

Manage content
Microsoft SharePoint provides enterprise content management functionality and document management functionality. Enterprise search using metadata tags makes it easy to retrieve information stored. Using workflows, you can deliver records retention to meet your organization’s policies.

Manage access to data
Using the security settings in Microsoft SharePoint, you have the ability to set privileges regarding what employees can see, share and edit. You can see what employees have viewed or edited via the audit trail in the system.

Business intelligence dashboards and reporting
Using customisable, personalized dashboards and reports, organizations can analyse data to gain insights.

A robust workflow engine provides opportunities to manage the processes around your data, and allows you to do anything from completing forms to managing the states of documents.

Microsoft SharePoint is accessible from desktops, laptops and tablets, and also smart phones.

Integration with Microsoft CRM
Implemented together, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft CRM work to extend each other`s functionality. You can choose your preferred interface, displaying CRM data via SharePoint and vice versa.